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Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten.


Class Schedule

Monday-Friday                                    Specials            

8:30 self startbreakfast        Monday/tech                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

8:45 Rug time                                 Tuesday                                                                    Music at 9:00

9:10 whole group literacy  Wednesday/PE at 11:30                                                                                                     

9:30 recess                                                                                                                            Thursday-tech

9:50 story time                                                                                                                        Friday-Music at 9:00

10:00 Litertacy boost

10:30 Math or specials

11:10 Spanish

11:30 Math or Specials

12:00 dismissal will be at the North doors




Birthdays This Month







Graduation is May 25th at 9:00 a.m.  You can sign your kids out after the program and after they gather their things from the classroom.  The program will be approximately 30 min.


We will be doing end of the year testing in May.  Kindergarten Field Day is May 21st



Scholar Academy Monthly Calendar


Class Supply List



We need these things all year long


*dry erase markers

*regular markers


*hand sanitizer

*clorox wipes


*prizes for the prize box

*Sheet protectors

*baggies both sandwich size and gallon size

*Lysol spray

*Mr. Clean Erasers

*Baby wipes

*glue sticks

*1" binder




Here is the link to have friends and family put in for the lottery.



 9  10  11



Read 20 min


Read 20 min


Read 20 min